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To Brunch or not to Brunch…?

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Brunch isn’t usually my thing.   In fact, I rarely venture out to fight the crowd on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Perhaps it was a symptom of the one too many drinks I consumed the previous night, but I woke up Sunday morning with brunch on my mind.  An hour of Urbanspoon perusing later, we decided on Rosebud.  Given the spontaneity of our decision and lack of a reservation, we decided to forgo the 30 minute wait and quickly snagged two seats at the bar.  The bartender was both friendly and attentive and didn’t give me any strange looks when I started photographing my food (always a plus).

The meal began with a complementary surprise (much to my excitement) a la “the eggroll.”   A playful twist on a traditional eggroll, this one was oozing with a scramble of cheddar, shitake mushrooms, and green onions, fried and crisped to perfection.

I debated between ordering the housecured salmon club sandwich and the wild Georgia shrimp and grits, finally settling on the salmon.  In my opinion, you can’t really go wrong with smoked salmon, but the accompaniments on this sandwich took it to a level far beyond that of the traditional bagel, cream cheese, & capers.  Sandwiched between three slices of lightly toasted and buttery Holeman & Finch bread were layers of smoked salmon, fennel slaw, arugula, and a horseradish-beet aioli.  The slaw gave it a touch of sweetness, complemented nicely by the tangy (and alarmingly pink) aioli.  I’m not typically a user of the to-go box, but this sandwich could certainly feed two, so I enjoyed the second half for dinner.

See what I mean by “alarmingly pink?”

A huge fan of anything involving eggs benedict, Chad went with the crab cake benedict.  Being from Maryland, I’m usually pretty selective when it comes to crab cakes, but I’m easy to please when something is smothered in a rich and buttery hollandaise sauce.  The egg yolk was the ideal amount of runny and they certainly didn’t skimp on the size of the crab cakes either, an added bonus.  Paired with the crispy and well-seasoned “homefried” potatoes, this dish was the clear winner.  Although I usually hate to admit when someone out-orders me, the crab cake benedict won the best entrée prize without a doubt.

In attempt to rehydrate, I decided to forgo the housemade bloody mary – or anything else involving alcohol for that matter.  I was almost tempted by the “orange stillman” that the gentleman to my right ordered, served in a 32 oz. mason jar.  That one will have to go on the list (among many others) of things to try when I return, which I absolutely plan to do.


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