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No Bones About It

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One of the benefits of having a birthday close to Thanksgiving is multiple birthday dinners.  Rather than having a Thanksgiving repeat (aka leftovers) for dinner on Black Friday, I prefer to enjoy birthday steak # 2.  Having convinced almost the entire family (sorry DeF & Susan, you missed out on this one) to travel to Atlanta for the holiday, I selected a restaurant I knew from experience would be fantastic – Bone’s.

I feel as though I need to preface this post by explaining that my Dad can be rather difficult to please when it comes to restaurant service.  By difficult to please, I mean that it is not unheard of for a restaurant manager to stop by and “check on” our table during a meal.  After Friday’s meal at Bone’s, my Dad could not stop raving about the impeccable service.

I’ve been to Bone’s several times over the years, but this was by far the best experience I’ve had thus far.  From start to finish, every aspect of the meal was absolutely perfect.  As soon as the wait staff realized that we were celebrating a birthday, they added a little extra décor to our table.  According to our server, this was “as close as they would get to singing.”

Martinis round 1 were a success

Steakhouses are one place that I prefer not to branch out and try something new.  I stuck to my usual Caesar salad & filet combination.  Wanting to leave enough room for the 12 oz filet, I opted to share a salad with my sister.  A half-sized portion was just the right amount to get my appetite going.

It somehow happens to be that this same sister doesn’t eat red meat – I suppose there has to be one black sheep in every family, right?  She ordered the scotch smoked salmon and the seared tuna appetizers – both of which tasted fresh out of the sea.  The tuna was lightly crusted with sesame seeds and seared rare.  It was accompanied by a side of capers fried in chili oil that provided a pleasant crunch of spice.

No competition for the steak, but delicious nonetheless

My filet was flawlessly prepared.  It absolutely made my list of top-five steaks I’ve consumed in my life.  Naturally, I did not regret my decision to go with the 12 oz. rather than the 8 oz.

We also shared a side of the fingerling potatoes (the evening special).  They were roasted, generously crusted in herbs and salt, and topped with freshly grated Parmesan.

Just as my Mom was trying to convince the group to make a post-dinner fro-yo run, not one, but two giant slices of ice-cream cake appeared on our table.  Chopped pistachios and crème de menthe were layered between generous portions of chocolate ice-cream.  According to the menu, this Mountain High Pie is a Bone’s tradition.

No detail of the meal went unnoticed, down to the chilled spoons served with dessert and the package of “human biscuits” that came with the check.  I’m pretty sure I know where we’ll be dining the next time my family returns to town.

“Human Biscuits”


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