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Mi Cocina es Tu Cocina

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While working on a consulting project in Dallas several years back, a friend recommended that I try out the Tex-Mex and Mambo Taxis at Mi Cocina.  I was very thankful for his suggestion, as I enjoy Tex-Mex much more than any sort of “authentic” Mexican cuisine.  Walking down the “Midtown Mile” a few months ago, I was delighted to stumble across a sign that read “Mi Cocina – Coming Soon.”

Mi Cocina Atlanta opened back in November, but I decided to give them a few months to get the kinks worked out before testing it out for dinner.  I called earlier in the week to make a reservation, only to be informed that they only reserve tables for parties of 10 or more.  By nature, I am miserably impatient, so I hate showing up anywhere on a Friday or Saturday evening without a reservation.  I finally convinced the hostess on the phone to reserve a table for eight, and was glad I did because the restaurant was pretty much full by the time we arrived (which says a lot because the two-story space is huge).  The décor gives off an upscale, almost loungy vibe.  I loved the contrast of the white leather seating with the dark, mahogany tables, as well as the eclectic mood lighting.

Mi Cocina dinner

Sorry Jenni, I might be blocking half of your head

We were seated (on the second floor) immediately upon arrival, despite the fact that our entire party wasn’t even there yet.  Chips and salsa were delivered about 30 seconds later – bonus points for that.

Mi Cocina chips & salsa

Everyone got their own personal salsa dish, no double dipping complaints at our table

I skipped out on the famous Mambo Taxi this time and tried the Agave Margarita.  With any margarita, you always risk an overly-sweet and artificially-flavored disaster, but this one was the real deal.  I also tried (three) tastes of the Dilemma, which entailed “starting with strawberry, taking a Taxi, [and] arriving on Mango.”

Mi Cocina Agave Margarita & Dilemma

Agave on the left, Dilemma on the right

The Agave Margarita paired nicely with the guacamole that we ordered for the table.  The only problem was that the guacamole was nearly gone by the time our cocktails, napkins, and silverware arrived.

Mi Cocina guacamole

Without silverware, the center chip worked nicely as a serving spoon – plenty to share for all

Entrée-wise, I shared a plate of the Tacos “De Pescado,” which absolutely made up for my most recent less-than-desirable fish taco experience, and then some.  The soft, corn tortillas had an appealing,  fresh-out-of-the-tortilla press texture.  The tilapia was pan seared and topped off with a light cabbage slaw that added a nice tangy-bitterness.  Avocado salad and rice accompanied the meal – both of which disappeared as quickly as the tacos.  I only wished there had been the option to combine the fish and shrimp tacos into Tacos “De Pescado y Camaron” – perhaps they will honor a special request next time I return…

Mi Cocina Tacos "De Pescado"

Still dreaming about those tortillas…

I also tasted the Crispy Chicken “Enchiladas Verdes.”  Appropriately named, the corn tortillas were perfectly crunchy and smothered in a spicy salsa verde, with a sprinkle of cojita cheese on top.  This dish was absolutely delicious, although I think my mouth might have been on fire had I eaten the entire thing.

Mi Cocina Enchiladas

Crispy, crunchy, & spicy

Everything I tasted throughout the evening had a bold, clean flavor.  The food is very reasonably priced, especially given the Peachtree Street-Midtown address.  They’re still working out a few of those kinks in the service, it seems, but I’m excited to return and test out the downstairs bar area.  We finished the night with a round of Moscow Mules at nearby Article 14.  The vodka-ginger beer concoctions were cold and refreshing, but I could have done without the condescending bartender…

Article 14 Moscow Mules

Always served in a copper mug. Love that.


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  1. It’s good to read a positive review on this restaurant…it’s on my list of places to try!


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