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My Next Brunch: Anywhere Instead of Olmsted

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After a failed attempt at attending a cooking class (perhaps was someone’s way of telling me I should just stick to eating), Chad and I decided that Saturday brunch at Olmsted was a viable alternative.

Occupying the old Trois space at 14th and Peachtree, Olmsted’s interior was pristine and beautifully redone. The floor to ceiling windows created so much natural light that I contemplated keeping my sunglasses on during the meal. On a side note, there was also an extravagant three-year old’s birthday party taking place while we dined. I never knew toddlers had such sophisticated palates…what ever happened to good ol’ Chuck E. Cheese’s?!

Olmsted Atlanta

Happy to see pumpkin season isn’t quite over yet…delicious pumpkin bread to start

Our server was attentive and immediately took our drink order – two mimosas. A glass of champagne with a splash of o.j. is my idea of a perfect mimosa. Olmstead’s idea is very different. The lack of any trace of champagne in these “mimosas” didn’t exactly sit well with our plan for a boozy brunch.

Olmsted Atlanta

A very pretty glass of $9 orange juice

We started with the breakfast meat sampler, a trio of smoked bacon, pork sausage, and cured ham. The ham was way over-salted and the bacon just tasted like well, bacon. The sausage was good, but nothing you couldn’t conjure up at home with a little help from Jimmy Dean.

Olmsted Atlanta

Perhaps they should consider a garnish or two to spruce up the presentation

Halfway through the appetizer, our entrees arrived. Not that we were planning to finish the mediocre sampler to begin with, but I hate the feeling of being rushed through a meal. Given that the restaurant was mostly empty (aside from the aforementioned three-year olds), I’m not really sure why they were in such a hurry to get rid of us.

I ordered the tuna nicoise, and they certainly delivered on my request for “seared rare.” The dish itself was more of a deconstructed nicoise, with a bright and beautiful presentation. I loved the modern twist of the 6-minute egg to replace the more traditional hard-boiled egg, but it definitely needed a dash of salt.

Olmsted Atlanta

Unfortunately for my photo, humpty dumpty had a great fall on the way out of the kitchen

The tuna was the star of the dish; its outer sear was crusted with fennel pollen and cracked pepper. When combined with a dab of tapenade vinaigrette and runny egg yolk, it made for a scrumptious bite. The vegetables on the other hand, were another story entirely. The grilled onions and piquillo peppers were served stone cold. In a traditional nicoise, the vegetables are served cold because they are raw, like in a salad. I didn’t really understand the concept behind cooking the vegetables, letting them sit until they got cold, and eventually serving them. I wasn’t sad to leave those behind as my plate was cleared away.

Chad had the Eggs Savannah – a crab & shrimp-cake version of eggs Benedict. The eggs were poached nicely with runny yolks and a “Creole sauce Sharon” instead of the traditional hollandaise. There was something off about the overly creamy sauce that I just couldn’t get past. It probably didn’t help that it was absolutely smothered over the dish, completely drowning out the flavor of the crab & shrimp. Chad enjoyed it well enough, but I steered clear after my initial taste.

Olmsted Atlanta

They hit the jackpot on those potatoes though

Overall, I found Olmsted to be completely overpriced for the quality of the food and the service we received. I can’t exactly say I’m surprised, given the overpriced drinks and poor service I encountered at Article 14 (also owned by Legacy Restaurant Partners) several weeks back. We both left the meal wishing we had selected another viable alternative to our cancelled cooking class.


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