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Six Feet Under…The Sea


I’ve always heard good things about the cool atmosphere and extensive beer list at Six Feet Under, but it’s never been at the top of my list of places to try.  When brainstorming for a good “meatless” option for a recent Friday dinner (Lent has made weekend eating slightly more challenging), Six Feet Under’s seafood-heavy menu suddenly made it a much more attractive possibility.

The restaurant and bar area were both packed when we arrived around 8 pm.  Luckily, we thought to call ahead and were seated within 15 minutes (which is about how long it took Chad to find a parking space while I waited inside at the bar – valet anyone??).

I was excited to see a few of my local favorites like Monday Night and Wild Heaven featured on the draft beer list (which was definitely not small). In more of a cocktail-kinda mood, I instead went for a refreshing vodka-cucumber-jalapeño concoction.

Six Feet Under drinks

The only part I wasn’t crazy about was the name – meaning I was less than thrilled to ask the bartender for a “Titty Titty Bang Bang”

I was oddly intrigued by the selection of oyster shooters and feeling a little adventurous.  I succeeded in convincing Chad that we had to at least try a shooter in order to fully experience everything Six Feet Under had to offer.  We kept it classic with a round of Six Feet Unders – Absolut Pepper, Zing Zang, and of course, a raw oyster.

Six Feet Under Oyster Shooters

Good in theory, NOT in actuality

I can confidently say this was the first and last oyster shooter I will ever consume.  I love raw oysters and a good Bloody Mary, but I now know that I do NOT love them together.  After I finally got the entire thing down in no fewer than three sips, I decided that oysters are best left on the half shell.

The dinner menu was pretty all-encompassing – plenty of seafood and a lot of different ways to enjoy it.  Despite all the variety, Chad and I were both immediately enticed by the shrimp & scallop dish.  The shellfish were baked and served in parchment paper, which did wonders in terms of keeping the everything drenched in the delicious lemon-butter sauté.  Cracked black pepper, fresh basil, and lemon wedges added an extra boost of flavor to the seafood, which was quite plentiful.

Six Feet Under shrimp & scallops

Clearly I won’t be winning any culinary photography awards anytime soon

The dishes also came with hush puppies and two sides apiece, so for a combined total of $30, we had a LOT of food on our table…and a LOT of it was fried.

Six Feet Under hush puppies

The hush puppies were my favorite of the sides, stuffed with jalapeño slices for a little extra kick.  We also shared a garden salad, fried okra, home style potato chips, and zucchini fries.  Good thing calories don’t count on the weekends.

I didn’t have high hopes for the salad, but was pleasantly surprised when it arrived looking bright and fresh as can be.  The cucumber wasabi dressing was very different, in a zesty-tangy kinda way.

Six Feet Under salad

Best to go dressing on the side here – too much wasabi might be overwhelming

As for the remaining fried trio, I really enjoyed the potato chips, which were served hot out of the frier.

Six Feet Under potato chips

Far better than Lay’s

I probably (definitely) could have done without the okra and the zucchini. Real vegetables (even when fried) just don’t taste quite as good as fried potatoes & bread do.

Six Feet Under Okra


Six Feet Under zucchini fries

Slightly soggy

All in all – I enjoyed the meal and definitely consider Six Feet Under a good option for casual, reasonably-priced seafood & more.

Among others, here’s what I’d like to try upon returning:

  • The Spicy Rat Toes and/or Extra Spicy Dragon Toes – with names like that (plus seafood wrapped in bacon), who can resist?
  • The rooftop patio on a sunny, spring Saturday
  • One (or several) new beers from the list.  Draft beers + patio weather = my favorite combination

As far as I’m concerned, I’m over winter and patio season can’t come soon enough.  The groundhog didn’t see his shadow, right???


Author: Weekend Eats ATL

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5 thoughts on “Six Feet Under…The Sea

  1. My husband tried the Extra Spicy Dragon Toes the last time we were there. He said it was one of the spiciest things he’d ever tasted!


  2. Not sure I could eat anything called Rat Toes–ugh!


  3. SFU is such a solid choice for a Friday night dinner…the hush puppies and rat toes alone are worth the trip.


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