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Patio Season Part I: Treehouse Restaurant & Pub


The beautiful weather this past St. Patty’s Day weekend meant one thing – and no, it wasn’t green beer.  Rather, it meant that Atlanta patio season has officially arrived.  There are few things I would rather do on a gorgeous spring day than sit outside, drink a cold beer (preferably a Sweetwater 420 on draft), and have a tasty meal.  That being said, expanding my list of go-to patio spots around Atlanta has become my latest weekend pastime (suggestions welcome).

First stop: brunch at Treehouse Restaurant & Pub in Peachtree Hills.  Apparently several others had this same idea Sunday morning (great minds think alike), so we ended up waiting about 25 minutes for a table.  The restaurant doesn’t have a hostess, just a “seat yourself” line, which was spilling out the door.  Luckily it was a nice day, and the bar right inside has no problem quenching your thirst whilst you wait (i.e. there were a lot of mimosas in that line).

Treehouse Restaurant

420 on draft: check

The restaurant itself is a quaint little house, with the majority of the seating on the outdoor wrap-around patio.  The patio has a fully covered roof, but is open and breezy all throughout.  Dogs are welcome – and there were plenty of them resting underneath tables and basking in the sun.

The brunch menu has tons of breakfast and lunch options, which is perfect because Chad always wants breakfast and I, lunch.  Looking for something on the lighter side, I went for the Treehouse Salad.  The salad itself was pretty basic, so I spruced it up with some Greek dressing and smoked salmon.

Treehouse Restaurant

Simple & light – mealy tomatoes were my only complaint

The salmon was the perfect addition, pleasantly smoky and salty.  You could tell the Greek dressing was homemade, a nice olive oil base with a lemony-vinegar tang.  I wish there had been more croutons, which were freshly baked and extra buttery.  This salad isn’t going to win any awards anytime soon, but it just happened to be exactly what I was in the mood for.

Predictably, Chad ordered the eggs benedict.  The menu had several benedicts to choose from: classic, southern style, and salmon.  Personally, I thought the salmon benedict sounded much more enticing than the others did, but not everyone has an obsession with smoked salmon the way I do.  Chad went classic, served with their “famous” Hollandaise sauce.

Treehouse Restaurant

Brunch potatoes > Eggs Benedict

Famous might be stretching the truth a bit; it tasted like regular old Hollandaise to me.  The entire plate was pretty under seasoned, but nothing that a few dashes of salt and pepper couldn’t fix.

Chad also ordered a side of cheese grits, which were undoubtedly the worst grits I have ever tasted.  They looked and tasted like instant grits gone terribly wrong – soupy, bland, and noticeably un-cheesy.

Treehouse Restaurant

Cheese grits, at least I think they were

Overall, the meal was pleasant enough, but not necessarily a place I would wait in line for again.  To put a number on it, I’d say Treehouse’s appeal is 75% patio, 25% food.  I’m not quite sure the allure of the patio is enough to compensate for the average food and service.  There are plenty of other patios out there with plenty of ice cold 420s, just calling my name.   That being said, assuming the weather is cooperative, look out for Part II: coming soon to a patio near you…


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3 thoughts on “Patio Season Part I: Treehouse Restaurant & Pub

  1. I took the girlfriend to Treehouse for dinner about a month ago…just like you said — cool experience, decent meal. My chicken sandwich was pretty average.


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