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Taco Tour: Verde Taqueria


I like to think of myself as a fairly adventurous eater, I’ll try anything at least once. However, as soon as I find something that I really like, I tend to stick to it. When it comes to Mexican cuisine, I’ve decided that I really like tacos, so I order them everywhere I go.

I’ve had quite a few tacos at quite a few places around Atlanta, but have yet to pin down my all-time favorite. A combination of being in the vicinity of Verde Taqueria in Brookhaven while also starving convinced me to start the process of figuring that out. Basically, over the next few weeks, I intend to eat lots of tacos at lots of places around Atlanta, and decide on a favorite. A Taco Tour, if you will.

Like they say, there’s no time like the present…so the process began promptly with a taco lunch at Verde Taqueria.

Verde’s menu offered 14 different taco options, with all kinds of variety – veggie, steak, chicken, beef, fish, you get the point. I’m typically a two-taco kind of eater, but like I said, I was starving…I went with three. Coincidentally (or perhaps subconsciously), I ate them in the order that I ended up liking them.

Verde Taqueria tacos

These were actually Chad’s tacos, but he takes better pictures than I do

#1: Short rib. The beef short rib taco was braised and topped with pico de gallo and just a drizzle of cilantro sour cream. The beef itself was flavorful enough to stand on its own, but the sour cream provided a nice acidic balance to the bite. The taco was huge – I almost asked for a fork and a knife, but instead, ended up just asking for a zillion extra napkins.

Verde Taqueria tacos

My trio: short rib, grilled fish, fried chicken

#2: Fried chicken. I was skeptical after my first bite of the fried chicken taco – it seemed dry. After I got a taste of the chipotle aioli on bite number two, I had a change of heart. The fried chicken was topped with tons (more than I wanted, really) of thick-cut, applewood smoked bacon cubes, diced tomatoes, and greens. Aside from the satisfying taste combination, this was a really bright and beautiful taco.

Verde Taqueria tacos

There’s fried chicken under there somewhere, I promise

# 3: Grilled fish. I purposely saved this one for last because I thought it would be my favorite of the three. I was wrong. I didn’t particularly care for this taco at all. The flavorless tilapia tasted far from blackened, the slaw was way too sweet, and it did not come with a side of salsa as the menu suggested. I’d skip this one next time and try out the fried calamari or shrimp as a replacement.

Verde Taqueria tacos

Remove the slaw, add some pico and guac, and this would be much better

The positives:

  • The tacos themselves were massive – the shells stuffed to the max. I went into the meal convinced that I would clean my plate, only to find myself struggling to take more than two bites of tacos 2 and 3. No problem there – half-eaten tacos tasted pretty good as leftovers.
  • Across the board, all the ingredients were super-fresh.
  • The a la carte tacos top out at $4, so even the hungriest of eaters aren’t going to break the bank at Verde.

The not-so positives:

  • The grilled fish taco. Not a fan.
  • The lack of tortilla variety. All tacos were served in a soft, flour tortilla. When given the option, I usually prefer soft corn or whole wheat tortillas. Not a deal breaker, but still worth noting.
  • The fried plantains (we ordered these as a side). They were okay – a little too sweet, lacking salt, and not quite crispy enough. I wouldn’t order them again.
Verde Taqueria fried plantains

In my head I was thinking thin & crispy plantain chips, not wedges

The verdict: Although this was only the first stop in my official Taco Tour, I’m not predicting it to be the winner. While I really enjoyed the short rib and fried chicken tacos, I think I can do better elsewhere. Only time (and more tacos) will tell…


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3 thoughts on “Taco Tour: Verde Taqueria

  1. Thanks for the compliments on the tacos. As individual & local owners we pride ourselves on striving to make sure our ingredients are fresh and our customers go away full and happy. We’re glad you enjoyed it. Just to note; we do offer our tacos in soft corn tortillas. Your waiter should have made this known to you. We’ll make sure to remind the staff about this in the future.


  2. Hi! Enjoy your blog 🙂 Try visiting PerlaTaqueria at 1958 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30324 if you haven’t been! They have awesome, cheap little tacos with incredible fresh flavors. After going for the traditional tacos like “al pastor”, “barbacoa” and “lengua” which are delicious, I discovered that my (now) absolute favorites were featured on the “med-mex” portion of the menu. (All menu items are listed on a little chalk board above the register and are not all featured online btw). You have to try the med mex taco and the only other taco listed under that section….blanking on the name. The meats taste so deliciously mediterranean and are chargrilled and the toppings are bursting with fresh flavor. Also try the traditional Pozole chicken soup. Very yummy (tad on the salty side when I had it but would order it again). I believe on Wednesdays they have a special where all tacos are $1.50. Let me know what you think!


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