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H&F Burgers > Baseball


There are a few things I really enjoy about baseball games.  Ironically, watching baseball is not exactly one of them.  Tailgating, beer, and soft pretzels, on the other hand, definitely make the list.  When I heard that Holeman and Finch was opening not one but three H&F Burger stands at Turner Field this spring, attending a Braves game suddenly became much more appealing.

For those of you who are confused as to why I would sit through an entire nine innings just to eat a burger, you’re probably living under a rock not from Atlanta.  In short, Holeman & Finch serves 24 (and only 24) of these famous burgers every night at 10:00 PM sharp.  From what I’ve heard, they’re worth the 2 hour wait it takes to get there early in order to reserve one.  Intrigued yet…?  Read more here.

Although I’ve enjoyed more than a few hand-crafted cocktails at Holeman & Finch, I’ve never been one of the lucky 24 to score a burger.  Naturally, that had to change as soon as opening weekend at Turner Field rolled around.

Turner Field

Braves vs Cubs opening weekend

Fast-forward several hours of tailgating and three innings later, I was ready for a burger.  I was expecting a long line, so I was neither annoyed nor surprised to find that 30 or 40 other Braves “fans” had the same idea that I did.  I waited in line for maybe 25-30 minutes of mouthwatering torture.  Keeping things in perspective, a 30 minute line is much shorter than the 2+ hour wait time at the restaurant itself on any given night.

H&F Burger

Back of the line…

Here’s the skinny (no pun intended): the burger was well worth the wait.  I would absolutely stand in line (and endure more baseball) in order to eat it again.  I’m no burger connoisseur, but this was among the best I’ve ever tasted.

H&F Burger

The burger itself

To start from the top, the bun was phenomenal.  It was one of those toasted-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside buns you can only get when they’re freshly baked.  In between the buns, they stacked two cheeseburger patties, onions, and house-made pickles.  A little ketchup & mustard as well.

H&F Burger

This combo lasted less than 20% of the time I spent waiting for it…do the math

When it comes to burgers, there’s a fine line between juicy and greasy.  H&F served the juiciest, non-greasy burger I have ever eaten.  Throw in a side of salty, crispy, French fries, and you have yourself a delicious $12 meal.

H&F Burger

Um, pretty sure no one is going to stand in line for 30 minutes to buy a $3.50 Coca-Cola…

Even better news: you don’t actually have to wait at the restaurant for 2 hours or endure a never-ending baseball game in order to enjoy the burger.  Holeman & Finch sells an unlimited number of burgers every Sunday during brunch.  Perfect hangover cure?  I think so.


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3 thoughts on “H&F Burgers > Baseball

  1. This post made me hungry.

    Lee McDuff lmcduff@newsinc.com / 404-435-5700 Sent from iPhone


  2. Brunch is definitely the best way to go, and if you grab one before the game starts, you don’t have to wait as long! I agree, though — it was a delicious burger.


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