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Patio Season Part II: Park Tavern


Between rainy Atlanta weekends and traveling, I haven’t had much time for patio dining this spring.  Patio season got off to a mediocre start at Treehouse Restaurant & Pub on St. Patty’s Day, and went downhill from there after a less-than-desirable meal at Park Tavern.

Park Tavern’s patio is quite large and ideally located for people-watching in the park.  Despite a welcoming “Seat Yourself” sign at the patio entrance, a large majority of the tables were “RESERVED.”  This made finding a table rather difficult.  We played musical tables for a few minutes until we finally found one in the sun.  While I’m sure the abundance of tents and patio awnings is nice come 100-degree August weather, they shaded nearly 85% of the patio.  Perhaps they should invest in a retractable roof for sunny, spring days – I hear the Dallas Cowboys have a pretty nice one.

Before taking our drink orders or even greeting us hello, our server came over to inform us that our table was, in fact, RESERVED at 3 pm. That left us approximately 47 minutes to order & dine – good thing we weren’t planning to stick around for more than one patio drink.

Park Tavern patio

The clock starts now…

Park Tavern’s menu ranges from burgers to sushi.  Although I normally wouldn’t order seafood (let alone raw fish) at any old “tavern”, their sushi is surprisingly tasty and fresh.  On this particular occasion, I went with the Mahi Mahi salad.

Park Tavern Mahi Mahi salad

Isn’t fish supposed to be flaky??

The Mahi Mahi, which was supposed to be “dusted with spicy seasonings and grilled over an open flame”, came out looking like a gray piece of chicken.  The texture of the fish was similar to overcooked chicken and the taste was non-existent.  Beneath the fish was a bed of greens and barely a teaspoon at most of the promised smoked black bean & corn salsa.

Park Tavern Mahi Mahi salad

Most of the fish never left the plate

I was pretty hungry after eating 1 bite of fish and a plate-full of lettuce, so I ordered sweet potato fries.  They were better, but nothing special.

Park Tavern sweet potato fries

The backup plan

Chad had the Mahi Mahi sandwich, which was slightly better than the salad after he smothered it in lime & tartar sauce.

Park Tavern Mahi Sandwich

Slightly less overcooked than the first piece of fish

Really, the only part of the meal they got right was the ice-cold Sweetwater 420.  Pretty hard to mess that up.

Sweetwater 420

All in all, I probably won’t return to Park Tavern anytime soon, unless of course it’s raining.  When it rains, it pours, and Park Tavern pours $1 drafts.  I guess all those patio tents and awnings probably do come in handy on rainy days…


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2 thoughts on “Patio Season Part II: Park Tavern

  1. Good, fair review of what seems like a bad experience. Park Tavern is good for large events, but I haven’t heard many good things from people who just go to grab a bite.


  2. Totally agree with you Clair! Dave always wants to go to Park Tavern on nice days but their food is just so “meh.”

    PS – great blog! 🙂


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