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Buckhead Atlanta: Shake Shack

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Since the Shake Shack opened in Buckhead Atlanta in the fall of 2014, I don’t think a Saturday or Sunday has gone by where there hasn’t been a line spilling out the door and down the street.  For this specific reason, I’ve avoided the place like the plague for the last few months.  On a recent Saturday afternoon, I finally decided to see what the Shake Shack hype was all about.

The line was out the door, which was actually quite deceiving because it moved pretty quickly.  All in all, it only took about 10 minutes to get to the front of the line, and another 10 minutes to get our food once we ordered.

Shake Shack’s menu is pretty simple: burgers, fries, and shakes.  They have a couple hot dogs on there as well, but honestly who orders a hot dog anywhere other than a baseball game?  I went with the classic ShackBurger, fries, and ShackMeister Ale.

Shake Shack Buckhead

Our Shake Shack feast

The ShackMeister Ale is an American pale ale, brewed exclusively for Shack Shack (hence, the name).  It was drinkable, but kinda just tasted like a slightly better version of a Budweiser.

Shake Shack beer

Note to Shake Shack: add more draft beer choices to your menu

The burger was simple and delicious.  It consisted of single patty, a slice of American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and ShackSauce.  It was just the right amount of greasy for a burger and SUPER salty, which made it even tastier.  They allow you to choose between rare, medium, or well-done.  I went with “rare” (obviously), knowing that it would actually turn to be barely pink.  Which it did.

Shake Shack Buckhed Atlanta

Not a bad looking burger, huh?

Chad went double patty and added bacon.  Just a tad heartier.

Shake Shack Atlanta

Double trouble.

I’ve never liked crinkle cut fries, so I wasn’t surprised at all that Shack Shack’s were averagely disappointing.  No matter how hard you try (or how many billions your company is worth), crinkle cut fries are always going to look, feel, and taste like the frozen kind that come from a bag.  Shake Shack’s were no exception.

Shake Shack

Crinkle fries < all other french fries in the world

After my first Shake Shack experience, I’m not quite sure I understand the hype.  The burger was really good, but didn’t stand out as something I couldn’t order at Five Guys with better French fries.  It was definitely worth a 20-minute wait, but I’m predicting that as soon as the H&F Burger opens in Ponce City Market this spring, that line will quickly migrate from Buckhead down to Midtown.


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One thought on “Buckhead Atlanta: Shake Shack

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Went with my wife for the first time last week and thought it was a decent meal, but way overpriced. Two burgers, two orders of fries and two alcoholic beverages ran us nearly $40, and I think Five Guys makes a better burger. We’ll probably go back when it’s hot to try the shakes, but I wouldn’t drive out of my way for it again.


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