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Bocado is a place that I love to frequent for cocktails, but a recent visit reminded me how much I love the food there as well.  Speaking of cocktails, though, Bocado is home to the Dog Day, also known as my favorite cocktail in the city.  Despite the fact that it hasn’t been on the menu for about three years now, the bartender whipped one right up.  The Dog Day is perfectly balanced and never fails to deliver on the refreshing front.

Bocado atlanta cocktails

The Dog Days are still NOT over.

Bocado menu atlanta

Although Bocado’s menu changes all the time, the quinoa dish is a staple, and it’s one of my favorites.  The toasty quinoa is served with cranberry beans, lime-zested cashews, and slices of cucumber, radish, onion, and avocado.  Huge slices of avocado, I might add.  It’s really light, but at the same time, the quinoa adds a hearty nuttiness to the dish, while the creamy avocado adds a hint of richness.

Bocado atlanta


I rarely turn down the opportunity to order octopus when it’s available, and Bocado’s was executed really nicely.  The octopus was roasted (with a perfect char on the outside) and served over a radish and sweet onion salad.  The smoked paprika seasoning on the dish was bold, but simple enough to let the octopus flavor shine on its own.

Bocado atlanta

Octopus + smoked paprika = delicious

The yellowtail crudo was equally as delicious as the first two dishes.  The fish was thinly sliced, perfectly salted, and most importantly, fresh out of the sea.  It was marinated in a really tasty olive oil broth with poppy seeds, sliced radishes, and a hint of cucumber.  I loved the way the radishes and cucumber added a nice, clean balance to the saltiness of the yellowtail, making the dish a great pallet cleanser for the rest of the meal.

Bocado menu atlanta

Perfectly sliced Yellowtail

As a precursor to the main event (aka the burger stack), we shared a snack plate to tide us over.  The “snacks” consisted of marinated olives, glazed nuts, pimento cheese, and trout dip – all served with fresh baguette slices.  First of all, the mini-mason jar presentation of the dish perfectly captured the essence of the snack plate concept.  The savory snacks were really tasty and perfect for sharing.  I’m pretty sure we scraped the smoked trout and pimento cheese jars clean, and didn’t leave so much as a walnut or olive behind.

Bocado Atlanta

A quartet of snacks

And last, but certainly not least, the burger.  Bocado’s “burger stack” is nothing less than crave-worthy.  As the best burgers are, Bocado’s is simple: two patties, American cheese, house b&b pickles, and a toasted sesame seed bun.  And a side of crispy fries.  On a side note, I’ve concluded that sesame seed buns are far superior to those that lack the extra bit of crunchy texture. Additionally, burgers served on H&F buns are far superior to those that are not. It’s hard not to compare Bocado’s burger to H&F’s, given that they’re similarly delicious.  I honestly can’t say which burger I prefer, but hey, there’s room for more than one perfect burger in this town.

Bocado burger

Bocado’s famous burger stack. Split four-ways, this left me wanting more.

There’s a reason that Bocado is high on my ATL FAVES list, and it’s because I’ve yet to try a dish or a drink (though I’ve only tried one) there that I didn’t like.  I’m hoping my next visit will include some combination of another Dog Day and some sunshine on the back patio.

Piedmont Park Atlanta

All food aside, here’s another reason why I love Atlanta.  You simply can’t beat a spring Saturday in Piedmont Park.


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