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Krog Street Market Part III: Superica

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My second attempt at visiting Ford Fry’s Superica was much more successful than my first.  This time around, we arrived strategically early for a Sunday evening dinner on the patio.  I didn’t spend much time inside the actual restaurant, but the patio was spectacular, especially after the blazing summer sun finally set.

We started with a pitcher of margaritas de la casa, because well, Sunday funday.  The ‘ritas were the perfect way to wash down [multiple] plates of the salty house chips & salsa duo.  So perfect, that we just had to order a second pitcher.  And guac.

Superica Atlanta

One margarita, two margaritas…

Superica’s guacamole was just as refreshing as the margaritas, with the right balance of lime & cilantro.  It also came with a handful of delicious (and I’m guessing thrice-fried) crispy shells.  Those shells made the tortilla chips look like tostidos.

Ford Fry Superica

Guac on fleek

I was getting ready to order the tacos de carnitas when our server delivered the unfortunate news that they were out of pork belly.  ARG – I really wanted those pork belly tacos.  Fortunately, though, I had also been silently contemplating the tacos de camerones, so they were an easy backup choice.

The shrimp tacos were served in super thin and double-layered corn tortillas, and you could tell they were house-made.  The rest of the dish was perfectly balanced.  The sautéed shrimp and smoked jalapenos brought a nice amount of heat, while the diced tomatoes, cabbage, radishes, and fresh cilantro added a refreshing and clean element to the dish.

Superica Ford Fry

Even though they weren’t my first choice, I wasn’t complaining.

I also tried a bite of the chicken verde enchilada, which was cheesy, tasty, and cheesy.

Krog Street Market

Overall, I loved the food and laid-back vibe of Superica.  I had high expectations, and Ford Fry delivered yet again.  My only afterthought, inspired by my internal pork belly-shrimp taco debate, was: shouldn’t they just offer a taco trio?  A Ford Fry Taco Tour, if you will?  Seriously though, I wouldn’t turn down a plate of pork belly, shrimp, and slow-cooked brisket tacos.  Just sayin’.

Krog Street Superica

Sunday Funday –> 😦 Monday


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