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A+ for Antico (as always)

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Weekend Eats has been on a little bit of a *hiatus* lately, but last Saturday, I had one of those meals that was just too blogworthy not share.  If you live in Atlanta and like pizza, then you are probably aware of what has become known as the “Antico cult.”  If not, you should probably change that ASAP.

I’ve already given a rundown of the entire “Little Italia” experience in a previous post, so I’ll skip straight to the pizza.  We were lucky enough to enjoy our meal in “the dough room”, a private little room in the back with a view of the entire restaurant.  No chairs – just a few bags of flour, a lot of wine (courtesy of the BYOB policy), good company, and the most delicious pizza you’ve ever had.

Antico Atlanta

Best part about the room? That little air conditioner in the corner, as the rest of the restaurant is AC-less (and the ovens are HOT)

The Margherita D.O.P. is nothing short of perfection.  The ingredients are simple, yet delicious.  The bufala and San Marzano tomatoes are flown in every week from Italy.  Even during the middle of winter, the tomatoes are fresh and better than ever.  A bit of garlic and basil complete the dish.

Antico Atlanta

The D.O.P. is pretty D.O.P.e.

Antico Atlanta

Oven to table

The thing that really sets Antico apart, though, is the dough.  It’s thin, but not too thin, and never fails to deliver on the crispiness factor.  This is likely due to those imported-from-Italy wood burning ovens that can heat to over 900 degrees.  The fact that it only takes about 60 seconds to cook a pizza is quite impressive.  Apparently I am not the only person who favors the classic Marg., because it is also Antico’s best seller.

Antico pizza Atlanta

Think it’s toasty back there?

The Diavola is a close second to the Margherita.  If the spicy sopressata is the star of the pizza, the pepperonata is without a doubt the best supporting actress.  The sweet peppers, onions, and tomatoes simply melt in your mouth, while the heat of the spicy salami keeps you on your toes.

Antico Diavola pizza

The devil is in the details, or in this case, the Diavola

Last but not least, the San Gennaro is always a crowd pleaser.  This pie is topped with the above raved-about bufala, sweet red peppers, fresh cipollini, and most importantly, loads of Italian sausage.  The sweet peppers are bursting with flavor and pair so nicely with the savory salsiccia.

Antico San Gennaro pizza

We ordered two of these, naturally

So whether you’re taking out or dining in, Antico is the place to go.

Antico pizza

Pizza + champs for the win


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