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Article 14 small plates

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14 Reasons to Love Article 14

Article 14 is one of my favorite Midtown spots for a cocktail and an evening bite.  I’ve dined at the place half a dozen times, but have rarely ordered anything other than the Kale Yeah salad, simply because it’s so delicious.  During a recent meal, I branched out and found many other reasons to love the place…

  1. Cocktails: Article 14 has a menu full of fun and unique cocktails.  The zesty melon cooler was right up my alley – vodka, watermelon, lime, and red pepper flakes.  It was subtle, not too sweet, and a little spicy from the red pepper.
Article 14 cocktails

They also serve an excellent dirty martini, if that’s more your style

2.  Lobstah: The lobster roll special made me feel like I was dining on the coast of Maine.  The lobster was served chilled with diced celery, and piled into a toasty bun.  Although the sauce looks a bit heavy, it was actually light and zesty.

Article 14 Atlanta

Fresh Maine lobstaaa

3.  BWD: The bacon-wrapped dates are a staple at Article 14.  The sweet dates were wrapped in a slice of thick-cut and crispy bacon, and topped with a drizzle of aged balsamic.

Article 14 menu

Bacon-wrapped deliciousness

4.  Deviled eggs: I’m not normally big on deviled eggs, but Article 14’s version struck my fancy.  Instead of mayo, the yolks were whipped with goat cheese, and sprinkled with crispy prosciutto and scallions.  They goat cheese made them tangier, creamier, and so much more delicious than the regular version.

Article 14 midtown

Deviled delights

5. & 6.  Peaches & Prosciutto: We had to get in an order of the grilled local peaches before they disappear for the next 9 months.  The juicy peach slices were wrapped in prosciutto and grilled with just the right amount of char and glaze from the saba sauce.  I wouldn’t want to have peaches any other way.

Article 14 small plates

Peachy keen

7.  Tomatoes:  The heirloom tomato salad was the best I’ve had all summer.  The dish was vibrant, beautiful, and flavorful.  The colorful heirlooms were perfectly salted and drizzled with EVOO.  And then there was that delicate (and also perfectly seasoned) piece of burrata on top.

Article 14 Atlanta

Heavenly heirlooms

8. & 9.  Kale + Bacon:  Even though I was branching out, I couldn’t possibly go without a bite of the kale yeah salad.  Article 14 has somehow managed to turn kale into bacon.  The smoky bacon vinaigrette is seriously addicting.  I could eat it all day long.

Article 14 kale yeah

Kale or bacon?

10.  The burger was too tasty-looking to pass on a bite.  The double beef patty was perfectly medium rare, topped with aged white cheddar, and served on a challah bun.  With a pickle on top.  Mouthwatering.

Article 14 menu

A solid stack

11.  Lemon Tart:  I wasn’t really hungry for dessert, but had to at least try a few bites of the chocolate lava cake.  You know, for research purposes.  The cake was disappointingly overcooked, and definitely lacking in the lava department.  Had it been cooked more like the moist and fluffy lemon tart, I might have had more than a few bites.

Article 14 dessert

Deceptively un-lavalike

Article 14 dessert

Now if only they would replace the lemon part with chocolate

12, 13, & 14. The 3 S’s (service, speed, seasonal):  The service was excellent, and I don’t think we waited more than a few minutes in between courses.  I really enjoyed exploring Article 14’s menu, and the chef did an excellent job highlighting so many seasonal ingredients.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for fall, I hear bacon-flavored kale is in.


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Back to Bocado

Bocado is a place that I love to frequent for cocktails, but a recent visit reminded me how much I love the food there as well.  Speaking of cocktails, though, Bocado is home to the Dog Day, also known as my favorite cocktail in the city.  Despite the fact that it hasn’t been on the menu for about three years now, the bartender whipped one right up.  The Dog Day is perfectly balanced and never fails to deliver on the refreshing front.

Bocado atlanta cocktails

The Dog Days are still NOT over.

Bocado menu atlanta

Although Bocado’s menu changes all the time, the quinoa dish is a staple, and it’s one of my favorites.  The toasty quinoa is served with cranberry beans, lime-zested cashews, and slices of cucumber, radish, onion, and avocado.  Huge slices of avocado, I might add.  It’s really light, but at the same time, the quinoa adds a hearty nuttiness to the dish, while the creamy avocado adds a hint of richness.

Bocado atlanta


I rarely turn down the opportunity to order octopus when it’s available, and Bocado’s was executed really nicely.  The octopus was roasted (with a perfect char on the outside) and served over a radish and sweet onion salad.  The smoked paprika seasoning on the dish was bold, but simple enough to let the octopus flavor shine on its own.

Bocado atlanta

Octopus + smoked paprika = delicious

The yellowtail crudo was equally as delicious as the first two dishes.  The fish was thinly sliced, perfectly salted, and most importantly, fresh out of the sea.  It was marinated in a really tasty olive oil broth with poppy seeds, sliced radishes, and a hint of cucumber.  I loved the way the radishes and cucumber added a nice, clean balance to the saltiness of the yellowtail, making the dish a great pallet cleanser for the rest of the meal.

Bocado menu atlanta

Perfectly sliced Yellowtail

As a precursor to the main event (aka the burger stack), we shared a snack plate to tide us over.  The “snacks” consisted of marinated olives, glazed nuts, pimento cheese, and trout dip – all served with fresh baguette slices.  First of all, the mini-mason jar presentation of the dish perfectly captured the essence of the snack plate concept.  The savory snacks were really tasty and perfect for sharing.  I’m pretty sure we scraped the smoked trout and pimento cheese jars clean, and didn’t leave so much as a walnut or olive behind.

Bocado Atlanta

A quartet of snacks

And last, but certainly not least, the burger.  Bocado’s “burger stack” is nothing less than crave-worthy.  As the best burgers are, Bocado’s is simple: two patties, American cheese, house b&b pickles, and a toasted sesame seed bun.  And a side of crispy fries.  On a side note, I’ve concluded that sesame seed buns are far superior to those that lack the extra bit of crunchy texture. Additionally, burgers served on H&F buns are far superior to those that are not. It’s hard not to compare Bocado’s burger to H&F’s, given that they’re similarly delicious.  I honestly can’t say which burger I prefer, but hey, there’s room for more than one perfect burger in this town.

Bocado burger

Bocado’s famous burger stack. Split four-ways, this left me wanting more.

There’s a reason that Bocado is high on my ATL FAVES list, and it’s because I’ve yet to try a dish or a drink (though I’ve only tried one) there that I didn’t like.  I’m hoping my next visit will include some combination of another Dog Day and some sunshine on the back patio.

Piedmont Park Atlanta

All food aside, here’s another reason why I love Atlanta.  You simply can’t beat a spring Saturday in Piedmont Park.

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Travel Eats: Umami Burger (Miami Beach)

The last day of vacation is always bittersweet.  In attempt to make it a little less so, I always like to plan one final pre-airport meal.  After reading about the recently-opened Umami Burger here, I was dying to check it out.  Sunday lunch seemed like the perfect opportunity because we didn’t have much time before heading to the airport, and I wasn’t exactly looking to throw a swimsuit back on after downing a greasy burger and fries.

Umami Burger opened its first east coast location in Miami Beach back in May.  After perusing the menu for approximately .2 seconds, I decided on the truffle burger.  With a side of truffle fries.  It was without a doubt the most delicious burger I have ever consumed.

Umami Burger Miami

Every day I’m trufflin’

The patty was cooked perfectly, coated in a truffle glaze with a melted slice of house truffle cheese on top.  It was absolutely mouthwatering.  The bun was freshly baked and branded with their signature “U” on top.  It was so juicy I needed quite a few extra napkins by the time I was finished.  It was the perfect size as well – not to big, not too small (although I was definitely sad when it was all gone).

Umami Burger menu

Double double toil & truffle

Chad went with the Royale, which was essentially the truffle burger with braised short rib on top.  When it comes to burgers, I’m definitely a minimalist – the fewer toppings the better.  While the Royale was still quite delicious, I definitely enjoyed preferred the truffle burger sans short rib.

Umami burger royale

Royally delicious

We chased the truffle burgers with a side of truffle fries.  They did not disappoint.  The fries were thinly sliced and topped with truffle salt and more truffle cheese.  We just wanted to see how many truffles we could consume in one sitting.  I probably could have had more.

Umami burger truffle fries

Truffle ’em french fries

The first thing I did post-meal was to Google “truffle burger Atlanta.”  I was shocked/disappointed/devastated that of all those burger boutiques in Atlanta, not a single one has a truffle burger on the menu!  That’s an untapped market right there if you ask me.  Yeah Burger, Flip Burger, Farm Burger: are you reading this??

In a previous post, I called the Holeman & Finch burger the best I’ve ever tasted.  I would take the Umami truffle burger over H&F any day of the week.

Is the Atlanta market over-saturated with burger joints? Absolutely.  Is there still room for Umami Burger in Atlanta? Absolutely.


H&F Burgers > Baseball

There are a few things I really enjoy about baseball games.  Ironically, watching baseball is not exactly one of them.  Tailgating, beer, and soft pretzels, on the other hand, definitely make the list.  When I heard that Holeman and Finch was opening not one but three H&F Burger stands at Turner Field this spring, attending a Braves game suddenly became much more appealing.

For those of you who are confused as to why I would sit through an entire nine innings just to eat a burger, you’re probably living under a rock not from Atlanta.  In short, Holeman & Finch serves 24 (and only 24) of these famous burgers every night at 10:00 PM sharp.  From what I’ve heard, they’re worth the 2 hour wait it takes to get there early in order to reserve one.  Intrigued yet…?  Read more here.

Although I’ve enjoyed more than a few hand-crafted cocktails at Holeman & Finch, I’ve never been one of the lucky 24 to score a burger.  Naturally, that had to change as soon as opening weekend at Turner Field rolled around.

Turner Field

Braves vs Cubs opening weekend

Fast-forward several hours of tailgating and three innings later, I was ready for a burger.  I was expecting a long line, so I was neither annoyed nor surprised to find that 30 or 40 other Braves “fans” had the same idea that I did.  I waited in line for maybe 25-30 minutes of mouthwatering torture.  Keeping things in perspective, a 30 minute line is much shorter than the 2+ hour wait time at the restaurant itself on any given night.

H&F Burger

Back of the line…

Here’s the skinny (no pun intended): the burger was well worth the wait.  I would absolutely stand in line (and endure more baseball) in order to eat it again.  I’m no burger connoisseur, but this was among the best I’ve ever tasted.

H&F Burger

The burger itself

To start from the top, the bun was phenomenal.  It was one of those toasted-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside buns you can only get when they’re freshly baked.  In between the buns, they stacked two cheeseburger patties, onions, and house-made pickles.  A little ketchup & mustard as well.

H&F Burger

This combo lasted less than 20% of the time I spent waiting for it…do the math

When it comes to burgers, there’s a fine line between juicy and greasy.  H&F served the juiciest, non-greasy burger I have ever eaten.  Throw in a side of salty, crispy, French fries, and you have yourself a delicious $12 meal.

H&F Burger

Um, pretty sure no one is going to stand in line for 30 minutes to buy a $3.50 Coca-Cola…

Even better news: you don’t actually have to wait at the restaurant for 2 hours or endure a never-ending baseball game in order to enjoy the burger.  Holeman & Finch sells an unlimited number of burgers every Sunday during brunch.  Perfect hangover cure?  I think so.