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Gypsy kitchen atlanta

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Buckhead Atlanta: Gypsy Kitchen

Gypsy Kitchen was one of the first restaurants to open in the new (and long awaited) Buckhead Atlanta development.  The restaurant parallels Peachtree, and is right next to its sister (or brother, rather) restaurant, The Southern Gentleman. On the inside, you’ll find lots of dark wood paneling, unique lighting, and a kitchen that partially opens up into the restaurant.  The open kitchen was neat for about fifteen seconds, until I started sweltering from the overheated restaurant.

The menu features an assortment of Spanish style tapas – cured meats & cheeses, snacks, appetizers, plates, etc.  It’s definitely an “order and share” kind of place, so that’s exactly what we did…

The meat & cheese board was pretty minimal, and by minimal I mean that the portions were pretty unproportional to the prices.  The manchego, chorizo, and san simon were all tasty, but I could have skipped the bresaola.

Gypsy kitchen atlanta

For $28, they could have at least thrown in a marcona almond or two.

Most of the other dishes we tried were some combination of greasy and under-seasoned, to put it simply.  The roasted mushroom caps were [under]cooked in a parsley-hazelnut sauce that was just a little bit way too oily for my liking.  The result?

Gypsy kitchen menu

Soggy ‘shrooms.

The chicken croquetas tasted like deep-fried balls of…nothing.

Buckhead Atlanta Gypsy Kitchen

Fritter fail.

The patatas bravas were undersalted and served with the same visually unappealing aioli as the croquetas.

Buckhead Atlanta restaurants

Really though, why is that aioli so yellow?

The octopus dish was doused in oil, and then smothered in an unnecessarily rich (yet bland) potato puree.

Gypsy kitchen Atlanta

Oily octo

The Spanish cigars were deep fried (surprise) and stuffed with blue cheese, dates, and jamón serrano.  They were crispy, but it was difficult to taste anything other than fried.

Gypsy kitchen menu

Buckhead restaurant or carnival fare?

The “paella” fried rice was the only really tasty and flavorful dish of the evening.  The crispy rice was tossed with shrimp, chorizo, and peas, and topped with a perfectly-cooked fried egg.

Gypsy kitchen atlanta

Wish we had skipped the others and ordered three of these.

At the end of the meal, I sort of felt like I had just eaten seven of the same dishes, with varying degrees of greasiness and tastelessness.  They even served a few of the dishes over a piece of paper, presumably to mop up some of the extra grease (refer to Spanish cigars above).  Gypsy Kitchen was disappointing, to say the least.  Stick to the Iberian Pig or Cooks & Soldiers if you want twice the flavor and half the grease (okay, grease rant over).