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Where Should I Go For…?

If you’re constantly asking yourself this question for every restaurant-selection decision you ever make, this page is for you!  I’ve attempted to provide some guidance when it comes to selecting an occasion-appropriate restaurant for every situation you can possibly think of.

(Okay, so every situation might be a stretch, but feel free to comment and let me know if I’ve missed anything major!)

Romantic Date

Fun Date

  • Ormsby’s – let out your competitive side with bocce, pool, darts, etc.
  • The Painted Pin – because who doesn’t love upscale bowling

First Date – I haven’t been on one of these in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the need to find a delicate balance between not too fancy (you don’t want to look desperate to impress) and not too cheap (hopefully this part is self explanatory)

“I’m Sorry” Date – a more cost-efficient way than jewelry to apologize (thankfully, I haven’t been on one of these in a while either)

Bromantic Date – Bros, booze, and burgers (not that I’m generalizing here or anything)

  • The Vortex – they serve a $29 triple coronary bypass burger.  Enough said.
  • Fox Brothers – BBQ & Bros
  • Local Three – for the classy gents.  They’ve got more than 50 bourbons to share.

Girl’s Night Out – cocktails + cocktails, the perfect recipe for any successful girl’s night

Guy’s Night Out – obviously I’m not a dude, but I have my sources…

Parents are Visiting Town (and Dad’s footing the bill)

  • Think of the most expensive restaurant you’ve been wanting to try and make a reservation there

I Haven’t Had a Good Steak in a Few Weeks

Screw Food, I Just Want to:

My Dining Companion is a:

Help, I’m Hungover

  • There are a zillion and one “burger boutiques” in Atlanta, choose one of them
  • Kaleidoscope Bistro – for only $12 you can delay the inevitable with bottomless mimosas

It’s Really Nice Outside aka I want to Day Drink on a Patio

Give me a Delicious Sandwich or Give me Death

Pizza is the Only Thing that will Make me Happy Right Now

Who says you can’t get fresh seafood in Atlanta?

I’m depressed about my lack of vacation days and want to pretend I’m traveling abroad in:

Girls Just Wanna Have Brunch

  • The Nook – The Bloody Best: a boozy meal in a 32 oz glass
  • Einstein’s – The patio brunch + $7.50 bloody mary bar
  • Article 14 – The classy brunch.  Oh, and bottomless mimosas too.

The World is Your Oyster

Dessert > Dinner

I Prefer Watching People over Sports – sit back with a cocktail in hand & enjoy the swanky scenery

  • STK
  • The St. Regis Bar – leave your jorts & flip flops at home if you want to make it past the velvet rope

On Wednesdays, We Drink Wine – how about a little hump day treat?

  • Park Tavern – 1/2 price wine bottles on Wednesdays.
  • One Midtown Kitchen – when the going gets tough, there’s always bottomless wine.  Every day.

Ford Fry is my Culinary Idol – he gets his own category, because his food is that good.


All sarcasm aside, this list is essentially an extension of my ATL FAVES list…check back often because it is sure to grow!


3 thoughts on “Where Should I Go For…?

  1. I think we’ve been taken…aka “Parents are Visiting Town (and Dad’s footing the bill)”. Didn’t we go to Bones last time we were in town???


  2. Wow, Claire — you did a heck of a job putting this list together. It will be my new cheat sheet for places I haven’t tried in the city!


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